Sunday, September 13, 2009

MCSE Exam Simulators

Review Of Exam Simulators

If you're reading this, then I'm assuming that you're seriously thinking of getting trained as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. At least I hope you are because getting this certification is not easy. The exams needed to earn your certification are not easy. And proper preparation for them is absolutely critical. You can't just read some books, take the test and poof out drops your certificate. So do you really want to pass these tests? Of course you do. But will an Exam Simulator help you?

First let's briefly go over what an exam simulator should cover. These simulators are supposed to be designed to help you pass your Microsoft Certification Exam. A good one will ask questions similar to what will be on the actual exam. The format, presentation and results of your preparation test should also be similar to what you'll find with the actual test.

Now none of the simulators are going to be an exact duplicate of Microsoft's test. But some are closer than others. This particular simulator is very close. The difficulty of the questions is even like what you'll find on the actual test. Understand using an exam simulator to prepare for any test will not guarantee that you will pass the test. You will need to study. But using this simulator will give you a much better chance of passing. If nothing else you'll learn the areas where you need to study more.

The downside of using the Exam Simulators product is that it doesn't cover all the exams. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Configuring, Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Vista Client, and Implementing, Managing, & Maintaing a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure; are the only exams this simulator can help prepare you for.

The good thing is that the creators of Exam Simulators have such confidence that you will pass your test that they actually have a No Fail Pass Guarantee. Basically if using their product doesn't help you to pass your test they'll give you your money back. They'll even let you download a demo version for nothing. There aren't many places doing that. Matter of fact, most places are charging $1000's upfront to help you prepare for any of Microsoft's exams.

Will an Exam Simulator help you? Well if you're really serious about earning your MCSE Certification you should seriously take a look at it. Click this link. Go to the site and download the exam demo. You won't be disappointed.